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Vistage Speaker Presentation: Digital Marketing For The IneptAre you in need of a Vistage Speaker? This program is laid out for presentation during a Vistage meeting. It is approximately three hours in length with two scheduled breaks. Group interaction is encouraged with real-time insight provided on member sites during the “Tools” portion of the presentation — member site statistics will be viewed.

Members will also be provided with a blog plan that they may be used to introduce content planning to their organizations.


Vistage Speaker Presentation: Topics, Tools, and Tips For Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Topics
    • Vistage Speaker presentation - Are you digitally inept?Social Media Overview
      • Social Media is not about the technology, it’s about the relationships
      • Types of Social Media
    • Social Media Myths
    • Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Tools
    • Social Media Options — which one?
      • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn
    • Data Analysis and Tracking
    • Blogging and Posting
      • Most appealing traits
      • Types of posts
      • How often to post
        • Automation
  •  Tips

    • Think Before You PostWho will do it?
    • How much will it cost and ROI?
    • Other Stuff
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Responsive Design
      • Employee Advocacy
      • Content sources
      • Email Blasts
      • Competitive Intelligence Gathering
      • Blog Content Plan
      • Backlinks

Vistage Speaker:

Hi, my name is Tony Leto. I have lived in the B2B marketing world since 1984. I have watched as print and direct mail have declined while digital has soared. I was an early adopter of digital marketing, building my first B2B website in 1995 and my first e-commerce site in 1999.

tony2Recently, I have begun to provide consulting services to other B2B companies looking to understand the value of digital marketing. I am able to provide a unique view of the digital landscape — a “baby boomer’s” real-world life experience with a “millennial’s” understanding of the potential for social media/digital marketing.

I have been a Vistage member since 1999 and I am now a Vistage speaker. Arrangments can be made for a presentation to your group through

In addition to being a Vistage speaker, I can also provide assistance in creating a digital marketing plan — content marketing, content creation, blogs, data analysis, search engine optimization, and social media optimization.

I can provide sales and social media training on these topics:

Since 1978, I have been an educator and executive working with organizations in New York, California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Vistage is an organization wherein chief executives and small business owners on knowledge and fresh insight to keep their companies moving forward. A Vistage speaker is a thought leader who inspires new ideas, strategies, and perspectives, focusing on the most relevant solutions business leaders can immediately implement in their companies.

To get more information as to availability as a Vistage speakercontact me at or through the Vistage website.

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