Social Media Map 2020

Social Media Map 2020   Click on the image to download a pdf with active links

How To Be Unpopular in the Digital Marketing World

Looking to destroy your popularity in the Digital Marketing World? Here's how you can go about it. 1. Post When You're Angry How dare they? Don't sit on that anger. Let the f-bombs fly and let everyone know how they have disappointed you. 2. Disregard Your Audience...

5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Your Business

Businesses have life cycles and your competitors are probably in a different stage of development than you are. Are you a mature brand set in your ways or are you a new company willing to take on the latest technology and business methods? In either case, staying...

What Is Your Purpose?

What is your purpose in life? Check out this infographic depicting your road to contentment and purpose.

Sunday Hashtags

Suggestions for Sunday hashtags for use in your social media postings.

Saturday Hashtags

Suggested Saturday hashtags for use in your social media postings.